A downloadable game for Windows

Leafy The Warplane is about a young lizard named LeafyIsHere, who goes out on an adventure to destroy the dankest of the memes, and more. Leafy moves around by rapidly moving his hand back and forth and to attack, he shoots red lasers out of his body.

This is basically a re-skinned version of the classic game: Asteroids.

Made with Gamemaker: Studio, by Max S.

Install instructions

Download the game, then double-click on it to launch.


LeafyTheWarplane.exe 2 MB


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finally a good fucking gam

This is hilarious, I did a Let's Play of it: LeafyIsHere The Warplane (Let's see if Leafy himself will watch it)


Thank you so much! I left a comment on your video under the username "iTasticc".

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Let me give a brief description of this game, you're LeafyIsHere (who kind of looks like he's wanking) flying over a backround with LeafyIsHere on it and your shooting lasers at pepe, Mario mushrooms, link, and YouTube.